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Processing performance appraisal fairness and human factors in the relationship between

There is no doubt the result of a fair performance appraisal is the most basic business requirements, after all, if the examination results can not guarantee a fair, employees will be affected mood, thereby affecting the work of the initiative, and laxity of emotional complaints will be spread in the enterprise, this is not business would like to see the results. Therefore, any business in the design of performance appraisal system, they will take a fair as an important factor to consider.

But we also know that performance in examinations is no absolute fairness, because it is closest relationship with people working, the performance results will affect the employee's wages, bonuses, promotions and training opportunities, this one, the most important It is often the pocketbook and the staff closely, therefore, man-made effects will play a significant role in the hit when the interests of employees, as managers, will make a balance and compromise, so that the actual examination results and staff performance can diverge, or Hello, I'm so, Hello everybody, big pot, the result of egalitarianism, or to make performance appraisal a distinction between some managers to rank the tools to make performance assessment to be synonymous with formalism, the so-called performance appraisal only but we do a show together, which distort the original purpose of performance appraisal enterprises, enterprises intended to improve performance through the assessment, without appropriate performance appraisal not only will not play this role, but the employees into low sentiment among the limited enthusiasm in the work to be reactive under extreme conditions, excellent staff may choose to find another job.

So, in a fair and human factors, the company which to choose? There is no doubt that companies will choose fair. Selection is fair, but how to ensure fairness, the enterprise must be considered. Enterprises can not say one thing and do another. Lips said, written on paper, is to ensure fair and practical approach is a serious departure from the ideas of fairness, the staff is the most disappointing.

Recently, I go to a private company to do research, some managers of the company, in the performance appraisal system to ensure fairness in that, but the actual practice of it and the system goes against the provisions. Of the enterprises is similar to the 360-degree assessment method, using discussion of the way to learn to be assessment of the performance of many interviews with those who object to the assessment of performance were not aware, even at work have no connection, such how can we ensure a fair examination results? complaints can be attributed. In addition, managers also cite an example, when year-end evaluation of advanced, democratic evaluation approach is used to rate the candidates themselves did not know many people, so scoring fully seat of your pants, on people they know the rate is relatively high, people do not know a low scoring candidates in the man called Lao Chen's husband, is the oldest employees in enterprises, companies have just created, it came to business, we all know him, So he was as advanced. Said this time, the manager all looked helpless.

Can be seen, when we as a fundamental principle of fairness written into the examination system of the time, it's like all the employees of the company made a commitment, and ability to honor their commitments, the staff is great hopes from the system if companies can not design on and organization of work to do this, then the employees will lose confidence in the assessment of performance, not willing to participate in and even tried with a variety of ways to resist and undermine the system, so that failure.

Since the influence of human factors is inevitable, then the business to do work is to approach it as much as possible to reduce the degree of influence, in order to achieve this, companies should focus on in the design of the system consider the following points:

1, changing the assessment method

Change the original assessment or staff representatives from the Human Resources Assessment for the sequential evaluation, the higher the lower assessment. In fact, in the assessment work, the immediate supervisor is the only right to examine and subordinates who are quite simple, direct superior right to arrange the work of subordinates, subordinates the right to work direct examination, the lower the work may still Shouxian to Wan Cheng Reporting directly to higher authorities, and regularly attend meetings chaired by the higher authorities, to submit work to a higher sum. That is, the direct superior of the subordinate staff to have the best view of observation, the work of employees perform duties and responsibilities of work was most understanding. Then, by direct assessment of superior to subordinate to the best, most convincing.

Enterprises that consider the assessment should be changed more people more able to ensure a fair idea, in fact, who best understand the work of staff, who is the most entitled to appraisal staff, In addition, the assessment is a power, and if the power to Staff had nothing to do the work of other employees, then the power will be abused, directly affect the fairness of assessment results, after all, performance appraisal is not elected representatives of the people, but to improve their work. Therefore, companies need to adjust the assessment in the design of the system the way a group of people change assessment examination for the higher lower, so that the power of homing assessment for managers to assume responsibility for performance management.

2, adjust the examination content

The fundamental purpose of assessment is to help employees improve performance, but to do this, we must help employees understand their job responsibilities and corporate strategic objectives and the relationship between the annual plan so that employees working for enterprises to contribute to the strategic objectives . Therefore, the design of performance indicators, corporate strategic goals should at least begin to decompose the annual plan and implement the responsibilities of staff up.

Enterprise performance appraisal system must be design, performance management given the responsibility of line managers, line managers and employees to communicate performance indicators, together with the staff to study the design of indicators which can better help employees complete their job duties, contribute to business performance.

3, to be verifiable assessment indicators

Many companies are very vague assessment targets, with some vague and general description of the scale to evaluate employees, without any convincing. To ensure the fairness of this principle to reduce the impact of human factors, business assessment index should quantify staff, energy-oriented must be quantified, for those who can not be quantified indicators should also be verifiable. Many business-to-design performance measure that a misunderstanding that the "quantitative" assessment criteria is the only operational straw, and a firm grip. Once the encounter Human Resources, Office of the these functions, they do nothing, not the organization of writing, most of these departments assessment criteria is very difficult to quantify, so many companies in these sectors are either re-take the examination on the old road, either temporarily set aside.

In fact, the quantification of performance indicators, not the highest standards of verifiability is. Quantification is also a verifiable fact, means nothing. So, for those who do not easily quantifiable indicators, companies can also refine, process-based, behavior-based means to achieve verifiable such.

4, strengthening the process of communication

Many companies used to complete the assessment in the development of indicators, the work on the suspension of performance appraisal that is required to rate the time required to do. In fact, this is the biggest obstacle unfair. No process of communication, staff performance management for not understanding the system, nor the staff, when necessary, to provide support and assistance to their, nor the formation of performance records, then, to the assessment of the time, managers with the impression the points will be very serious phenomenon, human factors will increase, managers and staff awareness of the examination results will be there is a big difference, staff evaluation for managers will be surprised.

Therefore, managers should not be so stubborn belief that the so-called assessment is the assessment of the time to rate the activities carried out in guidance, but staff in the performance cycle and sustained performance of communication, check the staff indicators of completion, and timely staff feedback, employees need to provide support and assistance, it is essential that staff performance should be recorded for future performance evaluation based on the facts.

5, the performance feedback system as a

Managers are not used to staff performance feedback, and no feedback on the performance of employees will not form a habit because managers often believe that the results do not tell the staff performance appraisal, only aggregate to the Human Resources Department on the line, there is no feedback The intention is that some managers and staff to stand so afraid of confrontation, and staff an argument affecting the working relationship.

The fear and worry can be understood, after all, the performance results will directly affect their vital interests. However, please note that our examination results are not created by the administrator, but dry out their own staff, with previous work, the staff what to do for themselves how well the heart is a number, and that examination results are In the staff's expectations, managers will be assessing the results back to employees, and employees will not only stand to the opposite side, but to the employees the impression that performance feedback is to help people to correctly understand their own performance, is to help employees improve performance, the results of performance appraisal fairness and the fairness of the assessment process will be promoted.

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